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Dear users,
we’re glad to announce that the Interactive Computing service is now available on the Galileo100 cluster.The service can be reached thought the following web address: https://jupyter.g100.cineca.itThe access to the system is available only via 2FA. Please refer to our User Guide if you did not already configure it.…
With this service, you will be allowed to access a restricted set of compute nodes of Galileo100 using a web browser interface based on Jupyterlab. The interface will be running directly on the compute nodes from which you will be able to manipulate the files directly on your Galileo100 Home in interactive mode. Each node dedicated to this service is equipped with 2 nVidia V100 GPUs.
The interface will be provided with several initial features, like:- Python environments for specific tasks (e.g. Dask, Pytorch, Tensorflow…) with the possibility of creating custom ones;- C/C++ kernel (Xeus);- in-browser bash terminal;- Slurm Queue Manager (a web interface to submit and monitor jobs on G100)- integration with git repositories;- integration with nVidia monitoring tools;- VSCode interface;- R kernel.
PLEASE NOTE: The service is currently in pre-production, with no guarantee of full operation of every feature; in this pre-production phase accounting from the interactive computing service will be disabled, so resources can be used for free as long as there is an active account on G100.
You can find a dedicated page of our User Guide with additional information at the following link:…
More updates will follow as soon as new features or relevant fixes will be added.
Best regards,
HPC User Support and Production Team @CINECA