Leonardo: software stack update for nvhpc and gcc with/without cuda

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Dear users,

The update of the software stack depending on gcc and cuda and of the stack depending on nvhpc on Leonardo is scheduled for April 10th. We are planning to proceed as follows:

From April 10th the old software stack gcc/11.3.0 and cuda/11.8, and also nvhpc/23.1 will be moved to the archive profile and will be searchable with the command “modmap -p archive”. In case you need to use a package available in the old stack you do NOT need to load the profile/archive, you can load the corresponding old package through the command “module load <package>/<version>”.

From April 10th the new stack depending on gcc/12.2.0 and cuda/12.1, and also nvhpc/23.11 will be available under profile/base, profile/<domain> and also under profile/candidate as it currently is.

From April 17th the new stack will be available only under profile/base and profile/<domain>. If you need a package of the new software stack that is not available under profile/base, you may need to load the specific domain profile; remember that you can check under which profile your package is using the “modmap -m <package>” command.

The compiler module gcc/12.2.0-cuda-12.1 will be renamed as gcc/12.2.0, meaning that you can use this compiler for GPU and CPU partitions of Leonardo. From April 17th if you use “module load gcc/12.2.0-cuda-12.1” or load a module that uses gcc/12.2.0-cuda-12.1 as prerequisites you may incur on errors. We encourage you to start changing it to “module load gcc/12.2.0” since April 10th, when this compiler will be available in profile/base.

Best regards,

HPC User Support – CINECA