Maintenaince operations on PICO

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Dear Users,
on Tuesday, September 13th is scheduled a maintenance operation on PICO. Such operation is made for the following reasons:
– Implementing the quota limit on the home directories of 50GB, as stated in a previous HPC-News:… (note: the date announced in the older news has been postponed to September 13th);
– Updating Cloud Computing Service’s components. The virtual machines won’t be available during the maintenance period.
We would like to remind you to adapt your disk space on your home so that it fills the 50GB quota. Also, PICO as a whole is reaching the limit of its maximum space (more than the 80% is occupied), so we invite you to delete or move any file stored on PICO that may not be necessary to keep.
Moreover, the data transfer operations involving GridFTP on PICO will be interrupted at the beginning of the operations.
Best regards,HPC User support – CINECA