Scheduled maintenance of Marconi, DGX and G100 completed, and Interactive Computing service update.

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Dear Users,

This is to inform you that the Marconi, G100 and DGX maintenance has been completed, and the clusters are now back in production. The Slurm version has been updated to 22.05.11.
A new release of the Interactive Computing service has been installed on G100 (2023.10 in the drop-down menu), with the updated versions of the usual environments (Dask, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Rapids, MXnet, MDAnalysis) and new environments, in particular Julia 1.9.4, Ray 2.7.1 and Transformers environment for easy interaction with Hugging Face:

The complete list of new versions can be found in the Interactive Computing User Guide:

Please note that in your first login, the Julia kernel might take a few seconds to appear on the dashboard.

Best regards,

HPC User Support @ CINECA