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Dear users,
on m100 system the “spack” module is available.
Spack is a tool management and it will allow you to install compilers, libraries, tools and applications not available among our modules that we remind you can list by “modmap” command:
$ modmap -all
$ modmap -m
By loading this module, spack path is defined ($WORK/$USER/spack-) to contain executables, modules, sources of installations that you will perform with spack. Some of the most important libraries and tools are already at your disposal:
$ module load spack
$ module av
Remember $WORK is the space of the default project. It is shared between its collaborators and it will be removed at the end of the project. If you prefer, you can change this path. For information on how do this and in general how use spack to install new software, we refer to spack manual.
At this our web page you can find a quick guide:
Best regards,
Hpc User Support @ Cineca