Marconi A1-A2-A3: maintenance stop reminder

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Dear Users,
This is a reminder that Marconi cluster will undergo scheduled maintenance operations starting tomorrow on Sept. 26th till Thursday Sept. 28th. All Marconi partitions will be stopped tomorrow at 8 a.m. We expect to bring the cluster back to production on Thursday, Sept 28th, late afternoon. Access to login nodes will not be allowed during maintenance operations.
Above all, the main scheduled operations to be performed during this stop are:

updating OPA to version 10.5
updating GSS to release 3.1d
updating firmware softwares on A1 and A3 nodes
filesystem check on gss_marconi_work
upgrading irqbalance, systemd and sssd package on A3 (bugfixes)
splitting of A2 GPFS cluster into two subclusters (to increase stability)

More updates, if any, will be sent throughout maintenance days via HPC newsletters.
Best Regards,
HPC User Support @ CINECA