Marconi: change in jobs submission to the KNL (A2) partition

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Dear Users,
After the first month of testing/pre-production phase, we introduced a simplified and more robust way to manage the job submission to the KNL (A2) partition. Our first configuration relied on the use of routing queues defined on the A1 PBS server, which however suffers of two major drawbacks concerning chained and interactive jobs.
The new configuration needs the loading of the “env-knl” module, available in the “base” profile, which directly exposes the login nodes to the KNL production partition:

once loaded the module you will only see the queues defined on the KNL nodes with the “qstat -q” command;
the usual commands “qsub”, “qstat”, “qdel” will act on the A2 PBS queues;
jobs will be directly submitted to the A2 queues instead of passing through the routing queues (knl and knltest) defined on the A1 partition, which will be disabled in two-weeks time;
unloading the module (or loading the env-bdw module) you will switch back to the Broadwell production environment.

A submission method alternative to the loading of the env-knl module is also provided, requiring explicit queries to the PBS A2 server (see the online documentation).
Please refer to the section “Submitting jobs to the A2 partition” of Marconi user guide for a detailed explanation of the new environment. We also invite EuroFUSION users to refer to the document related to the Marconi-FUSION partitions for info on the new dedicated queue defined for use on KNL nodes. 
Best regards
HPC User Support @ CINECA