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Dear Users,
we inform you that the second partition of Marconi cluster, equipped with Intel Knights Landing (KNL) processors, is open to production.All users with access to the Broadwell partition, and users with newly defined projects for KNL, are allowed to test the new nodes.
In the first period the accounting of the consumed budget will not be active. We will inform you as soon as the accounting will be switched on and when the new version of the “saldo” command (showing also the projects defined on Marconi A2 partition) will be available.
The login nodes (, as well as the storage areas ($HOME, $CINECA_SCRATCH, $WORK) and the module environment are shared between the two partitions. Please note that the $WORK areas associated to the newly defined projects for KNL have not been created yet, hence in this first period the $CINECA_SCRATCH area needs to be used as working area.
Since KNL nodes are binary compatible with legacy x86 instruction set, any code compiled for Marconi-Broadwell nodes will run on these nodes. However, specific compiler option is needed to generate AVX-512 instructions to obtain the better performances from these nodes. We are now in the process to recompile all the softwares presented in the module environment so that to exploit both Broadwell and KNL specific instructions sets (in the same binary), we will inform you via newsletter when the optimized version of all softwares will be available.
A dedicated routing queue serving the KNL partition has been defined to accept all jobs submitted from the login nodes to the KNL nodes, and two chunk custom resources (mcdram and numa) can be used to select the desired clustering mode and high-bandwidth memory mode.
For general information on cluster access, storage areas, and the module environment we refer you to the Marconi online guide:
A preliminar, specific guide to the Marconi-KNL partition (describing the suggested compilation switch and the production environment) can be found at the link:
Best regardsHPC User Support @ CINECA