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Dear Users,
The new CINECA Tier-0 cluster, Marconi, will start its production phase next Monday, July 4th. Job submission will be possible starting at approximately noon. Please refer to our on line guide on how to submit jobs on the PBS queueing system.
Jobs accounting has not been enabled yet on Marconi and therefore no budget consumption will be accounted for during these starting weeks (the PBS keyword -A needs to be defined though). We will alert all users when accounting on Marconi will be enabled. Refer to the Marconi Users’ Guide, for the definition of production and the new modules environment :
All users are kindly requested to copy/transfer their relevant data from Fermi to Marconi following the guidelines for data transfer on our Users’ Guide:
We also refer all users to the “Endianness” section on our HPC guide for caveats on how to manage data conversion from big to little-endian:…
Please also note that graphic sessions on Marconi are not possible yet. This feature will be implemented shortly.
For further question plese refer to our on line HPC Guide.
Best Regards,
HPC User Support @ CINECA