Marconi: update of Intel compiler and applications – REMINDER

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Dear users,
as announced the Intel 2017 Suite is now the default intel suite on Marconi, and all the available intel-based libraries, applications, and tools have been recompiled with the new release. We strongly advise all users to recompile their personal codes with the Intel 2017 Suite, since it more properly addresses the Omnipath system with respect to the previous release.
Please note that:
1) as for all modules, when loading an intel module if you don’t specify the software version (either in your submission scripts or in interactive sessions) the default module is loaded. This might cause problems at runtime if you are using an executable compiled with a previous release. Please, specify the complete module name corresponding to the requested version when you need to load a specific module (e.g.,  intel/pe-xe-2017–binary, intelmpi/2017–binary, mkl/2017–binary etc. in the place of intel, intelmpi, mkl etc. For the older release specify intel/pe-xe-2016–binary, intelmpi/5.1–binary).
2) all the libraries built with the Intel 2016 Suite have been moved to the “archive” profile. If you need to use them, remember to load the profile/archive module before loading the old libraries and to specify the full module name (e.g. mkl/11.3–binary, hdf5/1.8.17–intel–pe-xe-2016–binary etc.) to avoid mismatches.
3) the Intel 2016 compilers modules will temporarily be kept in the profile/base, and will then be moved in the profile/archive as well (you will then need to load the profile/archive as in the previous case).
4) the modules referring to the intel-based applications and tools maintained the same name, but be aware that all the softwares were recompiled with the Intel 2017 Suite.  The applications and tools compiled with the Intel 2016 Suite are no more presented (and available) in the module environment.
5) taking advantage of the Intel update, we installed in the domain profiles (when available) new versions of the applications (e.g., amber/16), and moved the previous versions in the profile/archive without recompiling them with the Intel 2017 Suite.
Best regards
HPC User Support @ CINECA