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Dear users,
on the Fermi machine is now available a new file system. This is accessible via the $WORK variable and is defined for each project active on Fermi, with a disk quota of 1TB (that can be increased on request). All collaborators of the project (and only them) have read and write permission here, that can be used as a collaborative area, as an alternative to $CINECA_SCRATCH.
If you have multiple projects, you do have multiple $WORK areas. You can manage this through the “chprj” (change project) command (“chprj -h” for more info).
Data in the $WORK area are permanent (preserved up to three months after the completion of the project). $CINECA_SCRATCH, on the other end, is to be considered temporary. Starting from March 5, 2014 a daily procedure will cancel files older than 30 days.
Find out all details on our guide (, with particular attention to the section: General-Info/Production-Environment (
Best regards,
HPC User Support @ CINECA