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Dear All,

We are pleased to inform you the release of the new Tier-1 Galileo cluster, which is open for pre-production runs. All users with an active budget at this stage can log in using the front-end:

The standard CINECA’s filesystems $HOME, $WORK and  $CINECA_SCRATCH are available as usual. The old plx $HOME directory is available at the path: /plx/userexternal/$USER. Your old plx scratch dir with your data is available under $CINECA_SCRATCH.

Current production environment includes modules with: intel and gnu compilers, applications for computational chemistry, physics and biology.

Queueing systems is PBSPro candidate release 13, an upgraded version of old PLX. For your computational job it is no more required to select the queue with the “-q” flag. Your job will be re-directed to the appropriate queue matching your required computational resources. The maximum number of nodes is 128 with a maximum walltime of 24 hours.
For your data transfer the “archive” queue is available.

Please consider that during this phase a few upgrades of the production environment are possible and therefore some delays may occur.

If you have any issues or questions, please send an email to

HPC User Support @ CINECA