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Annuncio di seminario al CINECA (con preghiera di diffusione):
Mercoledi’ 11 maggio alle ore 10:00 al CINECA (sala Fibonacci se confermata, in alternativa sala Shannon)
Guglielmo Rossi (Dottorato in Scienze della Terra – Universit√† di Firenze XXIII Ciclo) presentera’ il suo lavoro di dottorato con borsa finanziata dal CINECA, in un seminario (tenuto in italiano) dal titolo:”A physically based distributed slope stability simulator to analyze shallow landslides triggering in real time and at large scale”
The term shallow landslides is widely used in literature to describe a slope movement of limited size that mainly develops in soils up to a maximum of a few meters thick. Shallow landslides are usually triggered by heavy rainfall because, as the water starts to infiltrate into the soil, the pore-water pressure increases so that the shear strength of the soil is reduced leading to slope failure.We have developed a distributed hydrological-geotechnical model for forecasting the temporal and spatial distribution of shallow landslides to be used as a real time warning system for civil protection purposes. The stability simulator is developed to use High Performance Computing (HPC) resources and in this way can manage large areas, with high spatial and temporal resolution, at useful computational time for a warning system. The output of the model is a probabilistic value of slope instability.