RCM is available on MARCONI A1

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Dear Users,
it is our pleasure to announce that RCM (Remote Connection Manager) is available on MARCONI (A1 partition).
RCM is a light and easy to use software that allows you to open graphical sessions on a remote Cluster.  
After launching the RCM client, you have to use rcm.marconi.cineca.it  in the “host” field to connect to Marconi..
At present, this is a pre-production phase: 1 job per user is allowed, with two possible job sizes:

one full node (36 CPUs, 118 GB of RAM), 3 h of wall time

4 CPUS,  18 GB of RAM, 3 h of wall time

In this phase, RCM it totally free of charge: don’t ask more resources that you need!!
More info about RCM in our documentation site (https://wiki.u-gov.it/confluence/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=68391634).
Best Regards