Scheduled maintenance on Galileo – August 6th-7th

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Dear Users,
in relation to the ongoing reconfiguration/upgrade of Galileo cluster, we scheduled a two-day maintenance next August, 6th-7th. During the stop, the login nodes and the filesystems will not be available in order to perform the final data synchronization to the new storage system. 
At the end of the maintenance users will connect to the new, upgraded environment. The number of nodes will gradually increase, in the following two weeks, to arrive to over one thousand of Broadwell nodes interconnected with an Intel Omni-Path network. The sheduler, accounting, and module environments replicate the current ones, hence no changes in submission scripts are required to continue your production. 
We remind you that only your $WORK and $HOME data will be copied to the new storage. The current $CINECA_SCRATCH filesystem will be mounted (in read-only mode) on the login nodes for three months, to allow the transfer of the data you need to maintain to the new, initially empty scratch areas.
During the first week on the new system the RCM service will not be available. Please also note that, due to the tuning of the storage configuration, in the first weeks of the new production some sporadic, short unavailabilities of the $WORK filesystem might occur,
Best regards
HPC User Support @ CINECA