Updates on Marconi KNL and DAVIDE end of production and Marconi maintenance

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Dear Users,
as announced, this is to remind you that Marconi KNL and DAVIDE are entering the end of production phase.

On Marconi KNL the operations will start next Wednesday, January 15th and will proceed in a stepwise manner until Monday, January 20th. During this period it will be possible to submit and launch jobs until all the compute nodes will be switched off. Please be aware that all jobs running on the nodes being switched off will be killed, but the job billing will be not taken into account after January 15th. For EUROFusion users a different policy will be adopted: see email communication sent a few days ago for details.
DAVIDE will instead be switched off on Monday 20th. All the jobs running at the start of the operation will be killed.

Please also be aware that, after Marconi KNL shutdown operations, Marconi SKL will be unavailable on January 23rd for scheduled maintenance. The operations will last all day.
Important information for you to consider:

Marconi login nodes will be available throughout the shutdown process and also after Marconi-KNL switching off
Users’ storage areas will be availabe for usual data managment and I/O operations throughout the shutdown procedure with existing policies ($CINECA_SCRATCH areas on Marconi will be still subjected to 40 days cancellation policy)
DAVIDE login nodes and storage areas will be switched off on Monday January 20th to be re-positioned and switched on again as soon as possible. The storage areas ($HOME and $CINECA_SCRATCH) will then remain available on the login nodes.

For all information about data management at CINECA please refer to our on line documentation, In particular here:
For preliminary information about Marconi100 hardware please visit our dedicated page on the HPC portal: 
If you need more info and/or support about this please contact us at superc@cineca.it
Best Regards,
HPC User Support @ CINECA