BIGcoldTRUCK: Big data analytics for cold chain logistics optimization in refrigerated trucks

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Odin Solutions (OdinS) has a strong background in the R&D fields of Internet of Things, Security and Data Analytic. The pilot contributes to the development of the supply chain 4.0, specifically the cold chain, and it is aligned with the interest of OdinS to contribute in the emergence of smart environments.

Duration in months: 12

Problem Description

To provide a solution that shows the following information: ranking of the products, Trip Duration statistics, seasonality of products’ demand, geographic representation of the trips.


New services


Data analysis to predict the demand of goods, optimise the routes in real-time and provide visualizations and descriptions.

Innovation results

Many businesses are concerned about collecting data and make great efforts by deploying sensors. However, they lack solutions that extract information from such data. Our solution provides meaningful knowledge for the logistics business, by giving a better understanding of the trips.

Business impact

The Return of the Investment is very fast. With such value, worker-hours can be reduced and therefore the small expense on our solution is quickly recovered given the gain in efficiency.

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