Cloud-based design of ultra-clean containers for high-purity chemicals

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An automated workflow for blow moulding hollow plastic parts was developed. This workflow, incorporating cloud-based HPC and parallelization of simulation, shortens development times, allows for more design variants, and lowers manufacturing costs.

Start date: 01/11/2015

Duration in months: 18

Problem Description

Extrusion blow moulding is the standard manufacturing method for hollow plastic parts like bottles, cans, fuel tanks, and large containers. Companies need faster, reliable, and efficient design methods.


Workflow implementation


Automated optimization of design methods is currently not possible. The individual steps need to be carried out manually on standard workstation systems, with one single design loop taking up to 2 days.

Innovation results

An automated workflow using MpCCI was developed, reducing manual intervention and time spent on design creation. This workflow allows for automated blow moulded part simulation, reducing development times and reducing material usage, lowering manufacturing costs.

Business impact

RIKUTEC will benefit from efficient design methods, reduced loops, and enhanced product quality. Hagen Engineering will expand market position with automated CAE workflows. Fraunhofer anticipates 5-10 new users over 2-3 years and a growing market for integrated manufacturing simulation solutions.

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