Cloud-based design of yacht sails

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Cape Horn uses computer simulation for sail design, but SMEs face barriers to accessing HPC-based simulations. AeroSimPortal, an easy-to-use tool, removes these barriers, making complex CFD/FSI simulations accessible to even inexperienced users through a graphical user interface.

Start date: 01/11/2015

Duration in months: 18

Problem Description

Cape Horn employs computer simulation for sail design, a computationally intensive process involving analyzing the sail's "flying shape" to affect airflow and pressure. However, 97% of businesses in this sector are SMEs, and access to HPC-based simulation remains a challenge due to technological and cost barriers.


New services


Sail design workflows need to analyse the sail’s “flying shape”, which affects the airflow and pressure. This is achieved with a complex and computationally expensive Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) coupling between a CFD and Finite Element Model (FEM) software packages.

Innovation results

AeroSimPortal is an HPC web- and cloud-based simulation platform designed to simplify sail design studies for small companies. It removes barriers to CFD services, allowing users to access complex simulations with a simple GUI and automated workflow, even for inexperienced users.

Business impact

Cape Horn is deploying AeroSimPortal to reduce sail design costs by 50%, allowing for more aggressive pricing strategies. The cloud-based solution will be available on the Fortissimo Marketplace in early 2019, benefiting PLUS and CINECA, who will be able to target maritime engineering customers.

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