Cloud-based multiphysics simulation for designing highly dynamic and highly accurate flow controls for microfluidic applications

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Microfluidics studies fluid behavior through micro-channels and manufacturing components. The experiment aims to generate real-time computer simulations of devices mimicking physical ones for fast, accurate control in both models and real-world scenarios, exploiting the power of HPC.

Start date: 01/11/2015

Duration in months: 18

Problem Description

Microfluidics studies fluid behavior through micro-channels and manufactures components. Controlling these systems is complex due to sensitivity to external variations, dead fluid volumes, and limited availability of convenient sensors, as well as dead fluid volumes.




Developing a real-time computer simulation of the device that mimics the physical device.

Innovation results

The solution involves creating simulation models for testing and controlling a virtual system, improving control strategies by predicting system behavior and providing flow characteristics not available through sensing. This requires HPC for CFD simulations of the microfluidic chip in service.

Business impact

Elvesys and ITAINNOVA will benefit from a cloud-based virtual lab for microfluidics simulation, enhancing their portfolio and demonstrating the impact of real-time simulation tools on manufacturing sectors. This will increase lead conversion rates, reduce presale costs, and reduce discounts.

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