Cloud-based simulation of pipeline components for the oil & gas industry

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DRG is an SME that provides engineering consulting services in oil and gas sector. Their service involves multidisciplinary simulations, for which the software HELYX is used. The aim of the project is to move simulations on a remote HPC system so to increase the computation capability of DRG.

Start date: 01/07/2013

Duration in months: 18

Problem Description

DRG was used to perform pipeline CFD simulations on its in-house systems, that is not enough to perform large cases. The aim of the project is to move these simulations on a cloud HPC system so to increase the computation capability of DRG, and to get a more cost-effective analysis solution.


Porting on new architecture


The main challenge faced by DRG and its partner ENGYS was to create a new methodology to perform oil & gas CFD simulations using on-demand cloud-based HPC solutions in a similar fashion as computations perform using in-house hardware resources.

Innovation results

A novel client-server framework was developed for CFD software HELYX, taht allows end-users to perform CFD simulations on remote HPC hardware directly from a desktop Graphical User Interface, facilitating the access to and effective usage of computational resources.

Business impact

DRG estimates costs reduction of 2k€ per day per simulation, with simulation 10 time faster. Engys forecasts +20% sales opportunity thanks to the new cloud module based on server-client framework. NAG will use the results of the experiment as marketing material expecting increment in revenue of about 150k€.

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