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Social media and online communities enable furniture manufacturers to gather customer data, enabling personalized production and innovative product design. To this scope Suite5 and AIDIMME developed DataFurn, a furniture analytics platform-as-a-service.

Duration in months: 12

Problem Description

The use home aims to develop and deploy DataFurn, a mobile-as-a-service analytics platform. They want to collect, analyze and display online content (from social media platforms, blogs), detect useful product-related content and extract relevant furniture products/services topics/features.


New services


Social media tools for global trends are insufficient for Furniture SMEs due to limited online presence and biased content. Trend prediction methods struggle with image recognition and distinguish between promotional and genuine content.

Innovation results

Suite5 and AIDIMME developed and deployed DataFurn, a furniture analytics platform-as-a-service, which collects, analyzes, and visualizes online content, detects product-related content, extracts relevant topics, monitors brand influence, and forecasts furniture trends.

Business impact

DataFurn offers intuitive dashboards created by furniture domain experts, reducing entry time and effort. Its pay-as-you-go business model allows SMEs to leverage untapped information, transform it into actionable knowledge, and act as a decision support system.

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