DCP: Dynamic resource allocation and accounting in a digital marketplace

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Kings Distributed Systems uses the Distributed Compute Protocol, a web platform to aggregate computing power from underutilized devices and digital infrastructure, enabling researchers to express parallel workloads for various applications like AI/ML, blockchain, and mathematical finance.

Duration in months: 12

Problem Description

The use-case concerns the development of a web platform capable of aggregating excess and underused computing power making it available to researchers and innovators, significantly reducing the time for modeling work.


New services


The main challenge associated with the experiment is to identify the weak points in the system and manage the connected nodes in order to develop a web platform that optimizes the use of computing power.

Innovation results

The researcher can deploy their job across 1000 computers with just 5 lines of code. The DCP Scheduler can now handle 150,000 connected nodes and be scaled horizontally to accommodate millions of workers.

Business impact

DCP eliminates the complexity of configuring environments, version control, dependency management, resource allocation and accounting. Clients can leverage DCP to lower their cloud computing spend and to accelerate prototyping and discovery.

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