DEIPDASFD: Decentralized Assessment of FAIR datasets

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The pilot uses DEIP’s Decentralized Assessment System (DAS), a peer review system with reputation rewards, to assess assets in expertise-intensive areas like scientific research, providing a quantifiable metric about data quality and reliability.

Duration in months: 12

Problem Description

The assessment system uses continuous two-level peer review, addressing weaknesses in existing methods. This model ensures accurate data curation and quality assessment, promoting reputational rewards in expertise-intensive domains like scientific research.


New services


To incentivize researchers to perform a comprehensive, quality and unbiased review that shows the actual strengths and weaknesses of knowledge and technology being reviewed# and to be a pioneer in assessing knowledge and technology that was not yet assessed yet.

Innovation results

DAS sources the consensus about the quality of data sets among the domain experts through continuous two-level peer-review# it ensures fair rewards for contributions and curation efforts# it formalizes the result of assessment into explicit metrics/indicators useful for non-experts.

Business impact

The pilot use case of the DAS aims to implement a peer review infrastructure for FAIR data sets, aligning with EOSC Interest Groups on Researcher Engagement and Use Cases. The platform will use DAS to judge data reliability and introduce an incentive system for reviewers.

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