HemoSphere – Prototyping of blood-processing microfluidics in the HPC Cloud

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A detailed simulation tool for complex fluids was developed for prototyping microfluidic chips. The tool replicates small-scale phenomena of an acoustophoresis chip, allowing for more accurate understanding of microfluidic device processes.

Start date: 01/11/2015

Duration in months: 18

Problem Description

The microfluidics industry is a young medical technology and equipment field where small-scale phenomena are difficult to observe. In this field there is a large demand for more cost-effective and methods as opposed to trial-and-error process for prototyping new chips.


New services


The challenge facing this experiment was to replicate the behaviour and small-scale phenomena of an acoustophoresis chip into a browser-based simulation tool.

Innovation results

A simulation model of a microfluid device was developed, incorporating soundwave generation to better understand the device's processes. This model allows acoustic forces to develop naturally from soundwave interaction with blood cell particles in the microfluidic channel.

Business impact

Multiple experiments can be executed simultaneously, reducing time spent on the design process. This approach also saves resources in terms of physical prototypes and human blood samples, with savings between €20k and €25k for a single prototype.

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