HPC Cloud-based design of centrifugal pumps

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EnginSoft is a consulting SME operating in the field of computer- aided engineering, virtual prototyping and advanced simulation. Centrifugal pumps are widely used in many industrial applications, from oil&gas to water treatment, automotive and home appliances. Such devices may be required to operate over a wide flow range and the prediction of operating characteristic curves is essential for a designer. Numerical simulation has become an important and common tool for pump designers. Many tasks can be solved much faster and cheaper numerically than by means of experiments and, most important, the complex internal flows in water pump impellers can be predicted well.

Start date: 01/07/2013

Duration in months: 18

Problem Description

The numerical simulation of centrifugal pumps is not easy due to a number of challenges: complex geometries, unsteady flows, turbulence, secondary flows, flow separation, boundary layers and so on. These aspects require a high-fidelity CFD model, very fine computational grids and the analysis of transient flows.


Virtual prototyping


Implement on HPC an high fidelity CFD model for pump design and demostrate that is an attractive solution for SMEs.

Innovation results

A simulation model has been implemented for a centrifugal pump using a commercially available software package. This model has been developed to run on a Cloud-based HPC system. Through a series of experimental runs the benefits of simulation using Cloud-based HPC system have been demonstrated.

Business impact

the design and optimisation of a single pump can be completed in 6 months rather than in the usual 2 to 3 years. This improved design process using simulations can give Enginsoft a significant commercial advantage. Due to this improvement in the design process, Enginsoft expects to increase its market share by at least 1% with a resultant profit of €100,000 per year.

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