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In this experiment, the expertise and software of MicroscopeIT has been complemented by the end-user requirements of UZH and OpTecBB and the HPC expertise of ARCTUR, to develop a Cloud-based HPC implementation of VIRTUM. This has greatly enhanced VIRTUM’s availability, and affordability to SMEs.

Start date: 01/07/2013

Duration in months: 18

Problem Description

Creation of an cloud-based HPC platform that implement VIRTUM so enhance its availability, capabilities and affordability, particularly to SMEs.


New services


The challenge addressed in this experiment was to adapt VIRTUM to an HPC-Cloud-based infrastructure and to test if the enhanced VIRTUM could be applied beneficially in four test cases.

Innovation results

The VIRTUM service has been adapted to work with an external Cloud-based HPC infrastructure. A cross-platform, simple user-interface has also been developed. This supports the visualisation of data and its management from almost any device.

Business impact

VIRTUM-DP can result in a reduction in staff costs by 50%. Extrapolating this to the USA alone results in an overall saving per annum of 1.7 billion$. As a result of the development of VIRTUM-DP, ARCTUR will see an increase in its sales of cycles of approximately 20k€ per annum.

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