HPC Cloud-based optimisation of aircraft wiring

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KEW, a 2008-founded SME, optimizes engineering-intensive projects in manufacturing, focusing on aerospace. They developed an application for optimizing wiring routing in aircraft, a computationally intensive issue traditionally addressed through trial and error.

Start date: 01/07/2013

Duration in months: 18

Problem Description

KEW has developed an application to optimise the routing of wiring within an aeroplane. This is an important issue in the design of aircraft . The wiring layouts could be optimised in a feasible length of time and at an acceptable cost. Such a solution would involve computationally intensive simulations that could be run on a pay-per use.


New services


The challenge addressed by this case study was to adapt a wiring optimisation application from KEW to run on a Cloud-based HPC system.

Innovation results

The solution has involved porting the KEW optimization software to run on an HPC system and developing the necessary “glue” software to bring all software components together. The successful implementation of this solution has enabled typical optimisations to be run on an HPC system much more quickly and effectively.

Business impact

Reduction of about 90% of the time required for electrical process design (non-recurring). Reduction in computing costs by 8-10 times using Cloud based HPC. Average cost and wiring system weight savings of 2.5%, which means a major recurring benefit and profit margins of up to 50% in aerospace.

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