HPC Cloud-based standard strength assessment of commercial ships

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The standard strength assessment of merchant ships such as tankers and container ships is an important and statutory requirement. The objective of this experiment was to develop and validate an easy-to-use solution for standard strength assessment calculations using HPC-Cloud-based resources.

Start date: 01/07/2013

Duration in months: 18

Problem Description

The objective of this experiment was to adapt standard strength assessment software, RamSeries, to run on remote HPC resources, to demonstrate the benefits of advanced simulation using Cloud-based HPC, to study the resultant performance of the simulations and to demonstrate their potential economic impact.


Porting on new architecture


The challenge addressed in this experiment was to demonstrate the use of advanced simulation in standard strength assessments of merchant ships. Such simulations require large amounts of computing power to realise viable calculation times. This requires the use of computing resources from an HPC provider.

Innovation results

The relevant software packages, including RamSeries, have been ported to an HPC-Cloud-based system and integrated into an overall simulation package. An effective interface between the end-user and the HPC resources has been implemented which integrates the various software components and the HPC system.

Business impact

COMPASSIS estimates an additional annual revenue from 24k€ to 120k€ in next 4 year, due to the sale of direct strength assessment of complete ship structures using RamSeries. Same for ISONAVAL that estimates an additional annual revenue from 15k€ to 60k€ in next 4 years.

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