KNOWCO4EOSC: Knowco Collabwith platform integrated with the EOSC

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Knowco Collabwith is a platform that offers a database of registered academics, startups, and businesses in Europe, providing opportunities for those seeking new knowledge and technology to generate innovations and bring them to market.

Duration in months: 12

Problem Description

The pilots aim to provide easy access for academics and partners from the EOSC platform to Knowco Collabwith platform, enabling them to discover, value, and monetize their knowledge and technology, and find solutions for increased cross-border collaboration in Europe and beyond.


Reduce time to solution


The aim of this pilot is to connect communities and automatically match needs and challenges with knowledge and technology in the Knowco Collabwith platform and beyond current innovation ecosystems in Europe.

Innovation results

The technological result is a platform that employs an artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm that fosters collaboration between academia and professionals.

Business impact

To increase the quality and success rate of industry-university collaboration# to shorten time for academic research, start-up, SMEs and professionals.

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