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MT Propeller is utilizing Northern Numerics UderEis software to improve ice protection system design, shorten simulation times, and analyze performance on rotating propellers. This HPC-capable software allows for more complex propeller designs and competitive licensing schemes.

Start date: 01/11/2015

Duration in months: 18

Problem Description

MT Propeller aims to improve the design of ice protection systems for its propellers, allowing them to incorporate the ice accretion simulations more efficiently in its design cycles.


New services


Increasing computational resources through HPC uptake to allow MT Propeller to design more complex propellers for larger aircraft and analyse ice protection systems performance as installed on the aircraft.

Innovation results

Northern Numerics' UderEis software provides advanced physical models for simulating ice accretion on aircraft components, reducing simulation times to less than a day. It is HPC capable, allowing analysis on rotating propellers and offers a user-friendly GUI and competitive licensing scheme.

Business impact

MT Propeller and Northern Numerics are benefiting from reduced ice accretion simulation times, shorter turnaround times on HPC platforms, and more efficient design cycles. Outsourcing computational resources to the Fortissimo Cloud on demand leads to higher margins and reduced licensing costs.

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