Optimised cutting and bending of steel reinforcement bars using Cloud-based HPC

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Schnell Software offers specialized CAD-CAM software for steel cutting and bending companies, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Despite existing PC-based optimization software, it requires hours for optimal results, that are not feasible in production environment.

Start date: 01/07/2013

Duration in months: 18

Problem Description

The objective was to reduce the compute time from hours down to minutes for even large-scale optimisations without requiring large computation in house infrastructure. So, a modified software that can run on a cloud-based HPC system has to be developed together with a clear GUI that to steers optimization.


Reduce time to solution


The challenge facing SCHNELL was to modify its software to run on a Cloud-based HPC system rather than on a local PC.

Innovation results

The optimization software has been adapted to run in a distributed Cloud-based HPC infrastructure. Through the use of a graphical user interface, it is easy to setup and optimise bar cutting and bending optimisations. This hides all the complexity of the Cloud and give results in a manageable processing time.

Business impact

A foundry can reduce waste steel by 2% using Cloud-based high-level optimisation, saving 270k€ per annum. SCHNELL estimates a total profit of 440k€ over five years, including Cloud-computing and license costs. CESGA will increase its sales of computer cycles and use the outcomes to promote its Cloud Services.

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