Optimising gas and flame detector layouts in hazardous manufacturing and production plants

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Gas detectors are commonly installed in where hazardous substances are used, to automatically trigger safety measures. Gexcon produces FLACS, a CFD modelling software used for safety studies. Together with Micropack they aim to develop the next-generation gas detection system design in more affordable way.

Start date: 01/11/2015

Duration in months: 18

Problem Description

To date, the amount of computing power required for a CFD-based optimisation of gas detector layouts has been prohibitive in terms of both costs and time. Gexcon and Micropack joined forces to develop the next-generation methodology for gas detection system design.


Reduce time to solution


Port FLACS on cloud HPC systems integrating in its user interface the possibility to exploit HPC computation power. Everything has to be delivered ad as service so to cancel initial computation infrastructure investment on SMEs side.

Innovation results

The goal of the experiment has been to provide FLACS as Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, with the usage of HPC fully integrated in the FLACS GUIs, under the new product name “FLACS-Cloud”. The key difference is that the users only pay for the time that they use, making it much more cost-effective.

Business impact

FLACS-Cloud can improve safety and reduce costs in industrial and manufacturing facilities by optimizing detector installations and operational expenses. This can save over 100k€ per installation. On-demand resources and HPC can also shorten project phases, allowing for more clients.

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