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Paola Alberigo has a degree with honour in Mathematics from the University of Bologna. Since 1998 she is involved in the management of the European Commission funded projects. She has been in charge of the financial and administrative co-ordination of several projects, I3s, STREPs and IP, from F4 to FP7. Her skills include the management of project contracts in all theirs phases, from the “idea” to a successful completion, especially in the financial area. Starting from 1999 she works in the SuperComputing Department of CINECA and in 2010 she got the PMI certification as Project Manager. Since 2010 she is also responsible of the ISCRA initiative and coordinates all the phases of the initiative: the application, the evaluation and the feedback.

Office: Bologna

E-mail: p.alberigo at cineca dot it

Phone: +39 051 6171 654