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Education: Advanced postgraduate in "Scientific Computing", Master Degree in Mathematics. He is in High Level Support Team with roles of Project Manager and Project Coordinator in EU projects. Main institutional roles: Leader of WP6 "Operational services for the HPC Ecosystem" in PRACE-6IP, member of Technical Board of PRACE-6IP, Leader of Task 3.6 "E-infrastructure validation and testing" in ICEI, member of Technical Board of ICEI, Leader of Task 6.3 "Design and implementation of data services and HPC/Cloud scheduling" in HBP-SGA3, member of Scientific and Technical Coordination Team of EBRAINS Italia.He was member of Technical Committee of MoU INAF-CINECA. Main duties: oversight and coordinate HBP-SGA3 CINECA staff, oversight and coordinate PRACE-6IP-WP6 CINECA staff, handle relations with Italian Neuroscience Community, contibute to budget and procurements development. Programming skills: Fortran, MPI, OPENMP, CUDA. He was main developer of MXAN (private) code and in developers team of COSMO code.

Office: Bologna

E-mail: c.padrin at cineca dot it

Phone: +39 051 6171 709