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Graduated cum laude in Physics at the University of Rome in the 1994. Phd in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics at University of Rome in 1997.During his PhD he was involved in high performance simulations of turbulent flows using SIMD parallel machine (APE/Quadrics). He used to work with many different supercomputer: Shared Memory Machine (Compaq Alpha), vector Machine (NEC SX), clusters (Intel/Amd Based), SMP cluster (IBM Power) up to IBM BG/Q and GPGPU;. He was involved in benchmarking, optimization and support in different areas, mainly in CFD area. He has knowledge of different computer languages (FORTRAN77, FORTRAN90, C), parallel paradigm (OpenMP, MPI, Cuda, OpenACC) and software engineering techniques. He was also organizer and teacher of CASPUR Trainig program (both summer school and courses)

Office: Rome

E-mail: g.amati at cineca dot it

Phone: +39 06 4486 701