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Training MPI
This tutorial will guide you through the solution of our MPI exercises.

Each exercise is described in the text section and solved in the solution section. We recommend you to study carefully the text of the proposed problem, write your own solution, and then compare it with the solution we propose in the solution section

Solutions of the exercises are provided in both C and FORTRAN languages. In the text section you can find hints to help  you solve the exercise and the MPI functions API needed to solve the exercise.
Through the course of this tutorial, you will find questions on both the text and solution sections, we encourage you to answer them to improve your understanding of the problem.

The exercises are organized as following:

  • 1 : first exercise: say Hello to the MPI World 😉
  • 2-6 : exercises on point-to-point communications
  • 7-9 : exercises on collective communications
  • 10-14 : exercises on communicators, datatypes, MPI I/O
  • 15-16 : advanced exercises