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CINECA, through the Italian SuperComputing Resource Allocation - ISCRA, releases Call for Proposals.

CINECA, the Italian most powerful HPC center, twice a year will directly award in excess of 250 millions core processor hours, to ensure an adequate supply to scientists and engineers for HPC-related research.

At CINECA is available a IBM BG/Q, named FERMI, composed of 10.240 PowerA2 sockets running at 1.6GHz, with 16 cores each, for a total of 163.840 compute cores and a system peak performance of 2.1 PFlops. Each processor comes with 16Gbyte of RAM (1Gbyte per core). FERMI will  be equipped  with a performant scratch storage system with a capacity of 2Pbyte and a bandwidth in excess of 100 GByte/s.

Project classes on the new BG/Q machine are: Class B between 1M and 10Million and Class C up to 1Million CPU hours.

Class C projects are received through continuous submission and reviewed once per month.

For each PI it is allowed to have only one class C project each 6 months.

Applications must be submitted in English.

More general info about the allocation process and principles are available here.

Info about the classes of projects are available here.
Guidelines about the application form are available here.

Please direct questions about the application procedure to iscra@cineca.it

Please find here a calendar of the next calls for all kinds of proposals (B and C projects).

Results of Calls for Projects: first, second, third.

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