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The Italian energy system is mainly based on electricity production, which is increasingly oriented towards renewable sources such as hydro, solar and wind power, which account for more than 35% of the installed capacity of around 100 GigaWatt. However, the volatile, climate-dependent nature of these sources leads to significant changes in the short and long term, affecting energy and water infrastructure. This has led to a growing interest in simulating and forecasting electricity production and distribution on different time scales. Weather4Energy focuses on the efficient translation of meteorological information into impacts, providing accurate predictions of solar and wind power generation, power line capacity, hydrogeological hazards and potential threats to road infrastructure under future climate scenarios. The project is based on advanced meteorological models and involves the development of an innovative framework for translating meteorological information into concrete impacts, supported by high-performance infrastructure and cloud computing provided by the partnership with Cineca. This project is funded by the Innovation grant of IFAB for 36 months.

Start date: October 2023

End date: October 2026

Partners: Autostrade, CNR, Cineca, ENEA, ENI, Engineering, IFAB, Illumia, PoliBA, Terna, UniFI

Contacts: Gabriella Scipione

E-mails: g,