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2.1.0 (M100) 2.02 (G100)

CINECA Artificial Intelligence project

- The bulk of the package is based on OpenCE tool, which includes (for example) Tensorflow, Pytorch, XGBoost, and other related packages and dependencies. This cognitive environment has been personalised by CINECA AI experts and published in a public channel.

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You can find documentation on the system, with the command 'module help cineca-ai

- The manual is on the web at the original home page (https://gitlab.hpc.cineca.it/cineca-ai/cineca-ai-channel)


CINECA consultants can be reached through the address: superc@cineca.it'''


other_info = '''Versions: 1.0.0,2.0.0,2.0.1,2.0.2

The versions differ in the versions of its components:

1.0.0 => Tensorflow 2.4.1 / Pytorch 1.7.1 etc.

2.0.0 => Tensorflow 2.6.2 / Pytorch 1.9.0 etc

2.0.1 => Tensorflow 2.6.2 / Pytorch 1.9.1 etc

2.0.2 => Tensorflow 2.6.2 / Pytorch 1.9.1 (differ from the previous one on some minor components)

2.1.0 => Tensorflow 2.7.0 / Pytorch 1.10.0 etc