ANSYS Workbench is a desktop simulation suite including a complete portfolio of structural, thermal, fluid and electromagnetic analysis capabilities. The integration of these, and user defined solver technologies as well, can accelerate the CAE process by eliminating manual file transfers, data translations, and re-analyses. ANSYS Workbench provides product performance results over the entire design domain, helping to evaluate the impact of alternative design choices, without performing additional simulations. A friendly environment, featuring easy-to-use and collaborative functions, helps different engineering teams in working together and sharing knowledge. As a result, ANSYS Workbench accelerates any decision task within the product development process.

Version: 192 (MARCONI) 212,221,193,195,202,222,231 (G100)

Availability: GALILEO100, MARCONI

Target: restricted

Official web site:

Related Commands:

You can load the module with the command:
module load profile/eng
module load autoload ansys

Help and Documentation:

You can find documentation on the module, with the command:

module help ansys

You can find documentation on the system on the web at the origina site (here):

CINECA consultants can be reached through the addr: