Extrae is the package devoted to generate Paraver trace-files for a post-mortem analysis. Extrae is a tool that uses different interposition mechanisms to inject probes into the target application so as to gather information regarding the application performance.

Version: 3.7.0 (MARCONI)

Availability: MARCONI

Target: all

Official web site: https://tools.bsc.es/extrae

Related Commands:

You can load the module with the command:

module load profile/cheese (MARCONI) 
module load autoload extrae

Help and Documentation:

You can find documentation on the module, with the command

module load profile/chem (MARCONI) OR profile/base (M100)
module help extrae

The manual is on the web at the original home page (https://tools.bsc.es/extrae)

CINECA consultants can be reached through the address: superc@cineca.it'''