Flux 2D/3D features a large number of functionalities, including extended multi-parametric analysis, advanced electrical circuit coupling and kinematic coupling.It is suitable for: Static, Harmonic and Transient analysisFlux is suitable for designing, analyzing and optimizing a variety of devices and applications such as:Rotating machinesLinear actuatorsElectromagnetic compatibilityTransformersInduction heating devicesSensorsHV devicesCablesNondestructive Evaluation

Version: 2018

Availability: MARCONI

Target: restricted

Official web site: https://www.altair.com/flux/

Related Commands:

Before using the application, you have to load it:

module load profile/eng
module load flux

To check the status of your lic server @

almutil -licstat -host  -port 

Help and Documentation:

More detailed instructions are in the help of the module:

module load profile/eng
module help flux