Freebayes is a Bayesian genetic variant detector designed to find small polymorphisms, specifically SNPs (single-nucleotide polymorphisms), indels (insertions and deletions), MNPs (multi-nucleotide polymorphisms), and complex events (composite insertion and substitution events) smaller than the length of a short-read sequencing alignment.

Version: 1.3.4 (G100) 1.1.0 (MARCONI)

Availability: GALILEO100, MARCONI

Target: all

Official web site:

Related Commands:

To load the application you should run:

module load profile/bioinf
module load freebayes

Help and Documentation:

You can find documentation on the system, with the command :

module help freebayes

The manual is on the web at the original home page (


CINECA consultants can be reached through the address: