netCDF C++ interfaceNetCDF (network Common Data Form) is a set of interfaces for array-oriented data access and a freely distributed collection of data access libraries for C, Fortran, C++, Java, and other languages. The netCDF libraries support a machine-independent format for representing scientific data. Together, the interfaces, libraries, and format support the creation, access, and sharing of scientific data.NetCDF data is:- Self-Describing. A netCDF file includes information about the data it contains.- Portable. A netCDF file can be accessed by computers with different ways of storing integers, characters, and floating-point numbers.- Scalable. A small subset of a large dataset may be accessed efficiently.- Appendable. Data may be appended to a properly structured netCDF file without copying the dataset or redefining its structure.- Sharable. One writer and multiple readers may simultaneously access the same netCDF file.- Archivable. Access to all earlier forms of netCDF data will be supported by current and future versions of the software.

Version: 4.3.0

Availability: MARCONI

Target: all

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