Quantum Matcha TEA

Quantum Matcha TEA is a quantum computer emulator powered by matrix product states developed by University of Padua (Italy). Its interface is entirely in Python, so the user does not need to care about the backends. You can use it to simulate quantum circuits defined with the Qiskit API or directly from its own API. However, it is possible to simulate qudits systems too: through the Fortran backend, you can emulate bosonic systems defined via strawberry fields. The backends for the simulation are tunable between CPUs and GPUs as well as between Python and FORTRAN and are scalable up to MPI towards running on HPC clusters.

Having access to the final MPS state, you can perform any measurement accessible on a quantum computer, such as projective measurements, local observables, and hamiltonians decomposed in Pauli matrices. But you have access to much more: for example the entanglement entropy between different subsystems, and optimized methods to sample the final state.

Version: 0.3.11 (LEONARDO, GALILEO100)

Availability: LEONARDO, GALILEO100

Official web site: https://www.quantumtea.it/

Help and Documentation:

module load profile/quantum

module load qmatcha_tea