Yambo is a FORTRAN/C code for Many-Body calculations in solid state and molecular physics. Implements Many-Body Perturbation Theory (MBPT) methods (such as GW and BSE) and Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory (TDDFT), which allows for accurate prediction of fundamental properties as band gaps of semiconductors, band alignments, defect quasi-particle energies, optics and out-of-equilibrium properties of materials. Yambo relies on the Kohn-Sham wavefunctions generated by two DFT public codes: abinit, and PWscf. Previous to its release under the GPL license, Yambo was known as SELF.

Version: 5.1.1 (G100) 5.0 (MARCONI) 5.2.3 (LEONARDO)


Target: all

Official web site: http://www.yambo-code.org/

Related Commands:

You can load the module with the command:

module load autoload yambo


Help and Documentation:

You can find documentation on the module, with the command

module help yambo

Detailed documentation can be found on the web at the original site (https://www.yambo-code.eu/)