Watson Sparse Matrix Package (WSMP) is a collection of algorithms for efficiently solving large sparse systems of linear equations.This high-performance, robust, and easy-to-use software can be used as a serial package, or in a shared-memory multiprocessor environment, or as a scalable parallel solver in a message-passing environment, where each process can be either serial or multithreaded.The use of WSMP library is reserved. In order to use it, you need to be authorized.Write a mail to to ask for the authorization.The following libraries are available on Marconi:- libwsmp64.a:    64-bit serial/multithreaded library- libwsmp8_8.a:   64-bit serial/multithreaded library w/ 8-byte integers- libpwsmp64.a:   64-bit MPI-based library

Version: 19.06.27--intelmpi--2018--binary

Availability: MARCONI

Target: restricted

Official web site:

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Example of compilation with serial wsmp library:

module load intel/pe-xe-2018--binary
module load wsmp
icc -o my_exe my_prog.c -L$WSMP_LIB/libwsmp64.a

For using MPI-based wsmp library the intelmpi compiler is necessary:

module load  wsmp
module load autoload intelmpi/2018--binary
mpiicc -o my_exe my_prog.c -L$WSMP_LIB/libpwsmp64.a

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