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Help desk

The Help Desk is provided during working days. 
In case of problems, before contacting the Help Desk, please give a look at the folder "FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions".

Please send requests by e-mail to superc@cineca.it and describe your problem as carefully as possible and be sure to enter the following information:

  • the system where the problem occurred
  • the username/account
  • a detailed description of the problem
  • any error message that might have been occurred
We will answer as soon as possible.

NOTE: if you have a request that is not meant for the High Performance Computing User Support of CINECA, you can search the proper contact address at this page.
For Pica support, search for your affiliated university at this page.
For Universitaly support, open a ticket in the form you will find at this page.

The consultant "on-duty" in a given period is represented by the image visible under the top-left menu. Our team is presently composed by: