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In the HPC User Documentation:

  • HPC User GuideA comprehensive guide to the scientific HPC systems in CINECA, with how-to information for the users.
    In this guide, you can find a simple and quick start guide that describes all the steps to be followed to access our systems up to the first job submission.
    The full documentation presents the common aspects of the environment, both in terms of shared resources (storage) and standard procedures (access, accounting, filesystems organization, production environment, programming environment, batch schedulers). The “System Specific Guides” chapter reports specific information concerning the different systems (Leonardo, Galileo100, Marconi, DGX and ADA Cloud). FAQ page collecting answers to requests arrived at the HPC Helpdesk is also available. 
  • Services
     A list of services and tools available on our systems.
  • Other Documents
    Documents of particular relevance, organised by recently issued and by HPC systems.